Los Angeles Times reviews Eric Merola’s “BURZYNSKI”


By Kevin Thomas – June 4, 2010

Eric Merola’s “Burzynski” charts how a Texas Medical doctor and biochemist developed Antineoplastons, genetic-targeted medicines, and with them began to treat a wide range of cancers, including difficult -to-treat brain malignancies, with remarkable and continuing success only to bring down teh full force of the medical establishment, which has laid assault to him in the most stupefying, devious and costly manner.

Stanislaw Burzynski, a Polish immigrant with an unflappable, bemused attitude, eventually won a 14-years struggle  — during which he found himself threatened with life imprisonment and astronomical fines for fraud ans other violations — to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of his Antineoplastons, an ordeal that cost Burzynski $2.2 million in legal expenses and the FDA $60 million in taxpayers money. If anything, his dealings with the National Cancer Institute were to prove even more outrageous.

Merola unleashes a barrage of information, including much testimony from grateful patients, but he could have made an even more effective film had he paused to summarize each phase in Burzynski’s long ordeal. Even so, the film makes the case that big pharmacy holds the FDA in its thrall, that the National Cancer Institute perversely refused to follow Burzynski’s protocols in its clinical trials and seemingly has violated Burzynsk’s long-held patents.

Julian Whitaker of the Whitaker Wellness Institute of Newport Beach and one of Burzynski’s most eloquent defenders makes an all-crucial point: Burzynski’s Antineoplastons, with their high success rate and lack of side effects, pose a significant threat to the trillion-dollar industry of treating cancer with the traditional methods of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Read the original article here.

Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-lXgnb6tdBY

For more info and to buy the DVD of this film and its sequel released in 2013, visit: http://www.burzynskimovie.com

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